How to use effective on-page tactics to improve website ranking?

How to use effective on-page tactics to improve website ranking?

As the businesses have understood the importance of their web page ranking higher in the search engines, every business is trying to improve their website ranking. Several Search Engine Optimization [SEO] tactics are used to improve the ranking of the website. On-page and Off-page are two of the most essential techniques used in SEO to improve website ranking. However, we will look more into the On-page techniques which can help in the rank improvement of the website. THE on-page SEO technique focuses more particularly on the web page and the internal structure of the website.

Here, we will look at some important points which are effective on-page tactics to improve website ranking:

1. The architecture of the website

Proper website architecture is important to improve the user experience along with the improvement in the website ranking. The proper architecture will include the proper alignment of the website context, alignment of the structure of the website, a clearer look of the website. An ideal architecture will also include proper URL structuring of the internal pages, proper internal linking, etc.

2. Creating appropriate Title and Meta Tags

Title and Meta tags are one of the important effective on-page tactics which can drive the website to rank higher on the website. The Title tags show the text that will appear in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and the descriptions attribute will show a short description of the web page when the search is made in the search engines. Make sure that the title tag does not exceed more than 70 characters. Make proper Title and Descriptions which can suit both search engines as well as for the users.

3. Proper H1 and H2 tags in the content

The H1 and H2 are the heading tags used in the content. The targeted keywords should be placed in both these tags to improve website ranking properly. The heading tag has to be made bold properly to increase the traffic of the website.

4. SEO-friendly content

Search engines are giving high weightage for the web page which is having quality content. The content should display all the relevant information which is related to the topic. The content should make sure that it is SEO-friendly which can help to grow the ranking in the ranking of the website. A proper content should avoid Keyword stuffing [more use of any of the keyword], short content, copying from any resources, etc. A well-written content on the website, blog, or any other place will include proper grammar in the content, related to the topic, and more importantly, it should be non-duplicate.

5. Multimedia elements use in content

The multimedia elements have to be properly used in the content. Images used should be accompanied by the alt tags, flash images should be less, and make sure that the page load time should not increase while using any of the multimedia elements.

These are some of the effective on-page tactics to improve website ranking which have to be used properly. The use of a proper On-page method will be very useful for the website.

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