How to use Google Analytics to analyze the website?

How to use Google Analytics to analyze the website?

Every business today is using one or the other online platform in their business. A website is a primary way of making business online. Knowing the status of the website along with the visitors and the user engagement helps it grow the respective business nicely. A Google Analytics tool is a fantastic way to track the website position and the behavior of the website visitors in a better way. Google Analytics tells the number visitors along with the different sources from which the visitors are coming. This tool is increasingly used by the market researcher to make a proper strategy for marketing and making other business decisions. Using Google Analytics to analyze the website is very easier. Proper use of this tool will give a lot of insight regarding the visitors and their behavior of your website.

Here we will see the use of Google Analytics to analyze the website:

1. Unique Visitors

This is the first thing that you watch when you enter the Google Analytics dashboard. This number indicates the unique visitors to your website. You always desire to watch this number ever-increasing.

2. Bounce Rate

The bounce rate indicates the number of visitors who are visiting your website and going quickly away from the website by just seeing the first page. Here, the visitors stay at the website for less than 10 seconds. More focus should not be given for the bounce rate, still lower bounce rate is always better. It indicates that the website is useful and the users are finding some valuable content on it.

3. Channel/Traffic source

The channel or traffic source shows the ways from which the traffic is coming for the website.  The referrals are the several links, search engines, emails, social media, and any other sources through with the traffic is coming. It will help you to work more on the channel through which the traffic is coming more and gradually increase the number of visitors.

4. Keywords

Keywords will tell which keywords the users are typing to search for the information which your website provides. You can find the report in the Behavior tab. Here, it will give an idea for the keyword which you should focus on to gain more user traffic which can increase the business.

5. Landing page

The landing page shows the number of sub-pages or internal pages. Knowing the visitors on the landing page shows the number of visitors who are visiting here and the value level of these pages. A nice landing page will get very high-level website traffic which grows the business significantly. Growing visitors on the landing page give more effective ROI for the business.

These are some of the ways to use Google Analytics to analyze the website. It makes it simpler for making a proper strategy for Search Engine Optimization. Businesses are focusing a lot on the growing the ranking of the website through SEO. Proper use of Google Analytics can provide better directions for improving the website ranking in an effective way.

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