How to use Google Webmaster Tools?

How to use Google Webmaster Tools?

It is very important for businesses to know the position of their website and analyze the traffic drawn to the website. It helps to make a better plan for improving the website performance on the search engines. The Google Webmaster Tools gives you a vast amount of information about your website which otherwise would have been very difficult for you to find. Here, you can find the rank of the website for the respective keywords which can help you to optimize the website. They provide the information on all the important backlinks for your website. There is a lot of important insight about your website which is provided by the Google Webmaster tools. So, it is very important to know about how to use Google Webmaster Tools. Learning all the important aspects of the Google Webmaster Tools can help to improve the ranking in the proper direction.

Here are some of the important indicators which can help you to understand how to use Google Webmaster Tools:

1. Query

Query provides you all the information about the ranking of the website for a specific keyword. Here, the rank means showing on Search Engine Result Page (SERP). This can provide your information on effective keywords and make you know how to boost the website through optimization.

2. Impressions

This will give you information on how many people are looking for the website for specific keywords. Here, the number of impressions indicates the number of times your website appeared in SERP on typing a specific keyword.

3. Clicks

The number of clicks indicates the number of clicks that your website is getting when it appears in SERP. Here, the people take the action of going to your website and watching all the information on it.

4. Click-Through Rate (CTR)

The Click Through Rate (CTR) is the percentage of visitors to the website when it appears on the SERP. A low CTR is not good for the website, so proper steps should be taken to improve the CTR. Some of the important techniques for improving the CTR are improvement in the Meta Description, making more relevant content, keywords rich content, minimum use of PPC campaign.

5. Average Position

Average Position tells the rank of your website for every targeted keyword. It helps to make a proper insight into the performance of the website.

The Google Webmaster Tools enables you to make a page level strategy and targeting a particular page for the targeted keywords. It would have been very hard to know the traffic your website is getting if the Google Webmaster tool was not there. So, while developing the SEO strategy for improving the website ranking, it is important to monitor the position of the website through Google Webmaster Tools. An SEO campaign can give better results when it is checked regularly with the Google Webmaster tools. Google Webmaster tool is extremely important for the website owner. Improving the website ranking is much simpler with the effective use of the Google Webmaster tool. Make the best campaign with this tool to improve the SEO strategy.

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