SEO techniques to increase website ranking

SEO techniques to increase website ranking

Growing business to a greater level is the need of every business owner. So, they are willing to put the efforts where they can yield results. Knowing the effectiveness of online marketing, many of the businesses are now growing their business through these platforms. SEO is one such technique to increase website ranking. There are many of the activities involve in the SEO which must be done to gain an advantage in the search engine result pages. Broadly, these activities are categorized into two categories: On-page and Off-page SEO technique to increase website ranking. Using proper techniques can give quicker results. Initially, you need to shortlist the keywords you want to target for SEO.

Here are some SEO techniques to increase website traffic:

1. Blog

Blogging is one of the better ways to convey ideas and make brand awareness. Blogging plays an important role in SEO, where you can write a particular blog by targeting specific keywords. So, it becomes easier to bring more visitors to the blog and ultimately to the website for that particular keyword phrase which most of your potential customers will be searching for. Blog also keeps adding newer content to the website which is another advantage from the SEO point of view.

2. Optimization of the Web pages

Optimization of the Web pages is a primary step in the SEO and it is categorized under Off-page optimization. The crawler of the search engines has its unique ways of going through your web pages. It understands the HTML of the webpage and a few other aspects. So, you must add the necessary keywords on the Title tag and Meta Description of the Meta Tags. It will provide more advantages to the web page. The Heading tag must be used properly. You must use proper ALT tags where the images are used in the Web pages.

3. Directory Submission

Here, you must add your website URL and other business details on the different directory through directory submission. There are many of the different directories with different niches, you must select the proper niche and make the directory submission. This comes under the OFF page SEO technique where you provide different backlinks for the website.

4. Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is an important link building activity where you list the website URL with other business details. The search engine crawler crawls through the social bookmarking sites faster and often. Reddit, Delicious, Faqpal, etc. are some of the social bookmarking sites. You get a tremendous amount of backlink through Social Bookmarking.

These are some of the SEO techniques to increase website ranking effectively. A well-planned strategy can give you better results to improve the website ranking. More and more businesses are now implementing the SEO to grow the ranking of their website. A website that ranks higher in the search engine results pages gets more traffic and increases its exposure to maximum niche traffic. The above mention four techniques are some of the effective techniques, still, you can even use other techniques too. Improvement in website ranking is essential for growing the business.

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